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THERMOLINEO branded coolers are ranked as the number one coolers in the whole of African Continent, with a capacity for over one million coolers per month, making the Company the single largest manufacturer of coolers in Africa. Our market share of coolers is approx 60% in Nigeria and almost 80% in the sub region of ECOWAS. The Company specializes in injection and blow-moulded coolers for the local and international markets, with sizes ranging from 1/2 liters to 150 liters.

Salient Features of Thermolineo Coolers

100% food grade body and fittings, UV stabilizers prevent fading, Tough, rugged, imprintable exteriors, Stain resistant and odor proof inner liner, Polyurethane Foam PUF insulation in bottom & Special Lid for maximum cold retention, Compact & Portable table top models, Wide mouth pressure fit lids for easy fitting, Reinforced, rust proof handles, saves electricity costs and reduces Ice costs. An intelligent, effective low cost substitute for refrigerators.

We specialize in corporate branding for all the major PLC's, and we brand their coolers under their international brands such as COCA COLA, HEINEKEN, 7 UP, PEPSI, FAN MILK, GUINNESS, HARP, and VIRGIN DRINKS.